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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Raisels review

The simple snacks of yesterday are still present but are quickly being overran by snacks of this generation. The quality of some of the snappier snacks are more appealing but may not be as good for those that eat them. That is one reason that I love Raisels. Raisels is the answer to those looking for an updated snack that also is healthy. The National Raisin Company is behind the new snack known as Raisels. They are a 100% real fruit snack and actually taste like candy. How you wonder? Good question you see the fruit snack is 100% vitamin C real dried fruit golden raisins with less sugar than sweetened dried cranberries and yet they taste great. This flavorful snack is perfect for baking in cookies, candies and to simply enjoy as a snack. Raisils are:

100% US RDA for Vitamin C

Rich in Antioxidants

Fat Free

Cholesterol Free

No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Artificial Sweeteners

No Sodium

Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union

We were able to review the new Raisils when TeamMom allowed us the chance and we would love to thank them for that opportunity. Never before did I know that the sour taste of the candy that is desired by kids and teens now can be tasted in the new Raisils. The snack went over in delicious factor and all enjoyed them. Some of my teens thought that the taste of the new raisels was better than in the every day "old fashioned" raisins. In our opinion the snack passed with a B grade simply because some of them felt that a few of the flavors were too sour. I believe it was that they were not expecting the flavors to be so much different than what you would find in regular raisins.
As I stated we did receive several flavors of the Raisels for reviews. I have tried to put my honest thought within this post and want to thank TeamMom for the opportunity to review.

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  1. Wow. I have never heard of these, but now I will be looking for them.


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