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Monday, February 28, 2011

What if Moms were Abducted by Mar?

Have you heard about the new Disney Movie Mars Needs Moms? As we all know moms are very important but even more important now as Mars is on the lookout for moms. Moms should be considered priceless as we are wanted by everyone. What do you do for your children that is special? From laundry and cooking from being their coach, camp mate, or dance partner what is it that makes you as a mom special? I am sure there are many things that would be missed by those that love moms if suddenly and for no reason moms suddenly disappeared. SocialMom has pondered a question that I wanted to address here in this post  What are the top 10 items that my children would miss if I was adopted by Martians. My top 10 reasons that Moms are needed and the world as we know it would be in danger without them include:

1. Food is an essential part of life and moms are often the ones that are responsible to do the shopping, cooking and serving of the meals. The meals that I prepare my family are filling and delicious not to mention nutritious. I would be afraid to see what my family would be eating if I were not here to prepare meals for them

2. Another area in the house that as a mom I find lots of attention is the laundry. Laundry would be I am sure piled high to the ceiling if I were kidnapped. I seriously wonder what my family would be willing to wear or who would pick up the slack if mom was no longer around to do the laundry chores

3.Moms also have jobs that they are qualified simply because they are mom.  Secret keeper is one such job it  is a job that I take serious and my children count on. I am the one that is told secrets that others may not hear. Secrets from what boy they like to what their plans in school are and all secrets in between are very important to my children. Without moms who would keep the secrets? Would there be anyone to share them with?

4. Fun is also listed within the job qualification of being a mom One job that I love doing as a mom is being a playmate. Oh the fun times that we had from playing house with our dolls to little cars being a playmate was always a fun job. The world may be a bit more boring if moms were no longer to be seen

5. Moms also make great bunk mates when the family goes camping. After all it is mom who keeps the camp site looking neat and clean, prepares the meals for the families, and still can find time for some fun outdoor adventures. Camping with my children is something that I not only look forward to but love doing. I sometimes wonder if this is something that I love more than they do but as the camping weekends grow closer the kids are the ones that begin to dream about the fun that lays ahead of them. Without mom would the fun be the same. I simply don't think so.

6. Sports is big in our family and this mom for one has played many roles from fan to coach. The fun of sports is something that can be done without moms but I must say to me it is the mom that makes the game just a bit more fun. Moms can stand on the side line cheering for the children and offering inspiration that only a mom can. There are many moments where my child would have missed me as his mom if I were not there at the practice, games or celebrations.

7. Special moments where moms like me are needed are the first day of school, the first time they tie their shoes or meet their best friend. Moments like these are meant just for moms as they are the special times in life where the child and Mom can share experiences and welcome the new ones as well. If there were no moms these moments would not be remembered as special as they are

8. Lets not forget those moments where moms really are needed because they are the only ones that seem to be able to comfort their child in their time of need. The time when the flu hits and no is there to wipe their mouth off or hold their hand when they go to see the doctor or dentist. The moments that none of us look forward to but we all know that in life we must go through rough moments as well. It is in these moments that we all want our moms

9. Moms are needed for jobs that are not as fun or superior as well. Jobs like the ref that many moms know how to play. Now while we could do without this position those that rely on us need us badly. I am afraid where my children would end up as they battled over toys, t.v. and many other things. Without a mom present would the battle lines continue and spread?

10. Moms are the backbone of the family. Without them attitudes would not be regulated as moms are the ones with the temperature gauge to cool down temperatures or to heat up the idea that children can do anything they put their mind to. Moms are part of the reason why families are successful and if moms were suddenly captured by Martians what would happen to the family unit?

What do moms mean to you? How do you think the world would function if suddenly all the moms were gone? Why do you think it is that anyone would want to take all the moms?

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