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Friday, March 4, 2011

PaperPlate Mardi Gras Mask

•Paper plates

•Construction paper




•Craft feathers

•Hole punch


Cut a paper plate in half (you can make two masks per plate this way). Cut eye holes in the half plate.
Shape the mask by cutting around the edges--scallops, points, curves or whatever suits you. Be sure to cut a curved groove between and beneath the two eye holes for the nose. Place a line of white glue around the eye holes and along the edges of the mask. If you want, you can also create swirls or other patterns with glue on the mask. Sprinkle glitter on top of the glue while it is still wet. Allow the glue to dry. Decorate the mask as you see fit once the glue is dry. Use markers to color the white paper plate; glue feathers, beads or cut-out construction paper shapes to the mask; or add anything else that might make the mask colorful and festive. Punch one small hole on each side of the mask and tie a string into the holes.

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