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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HomeKeepers Journal

In My Kitchen this week ……

It is shopping week and we are buying groceries that will make my hubby happy as he is taking over the kitchen 2/3 of the time because I have went back to work full time I will cook when I am here on my day off

When I think about Crafting/Sewing/Making Things, I want to …

find time to do more of it there are so many worthy items that I have found that I would love to create and use the ideas from other blogs hopefully soon I will get it all together

My favorite creative outlet it ……..

blogging is where I put my creativity now but hopefully when I get it together I will start making items for my new grandbaby

A Craft that I’d like to learn is ….

how to sew and make quilts would be where I would love to put my attention on learning

One Craft that I can do but don’t do much is ….

latch hook love it just have not did much of it later
Another would be painting. I haven’t painted in years.

An unusual Craft that I can do or would like to do is ….

Making miniatures. I really enjoy making little ‘fairy houses’, furniture out of natural materials, etc. My daughter and I collect things like rocks, acorns, fungi, moss, bark and shells and make little houses from it all.

The Craft/Creative Work that I have no desire whatsoever to do ……

there are not any that come to mind right now that i would not like to learn

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  1. Wow, it's awesome to see that someone else did latchhook too! Following you over from Sylvia's blog!

  2. Hi
    Thanks for hopping by and for following. I am now following you too.


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