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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tips to make bedtime a bit easier

Bedtime is one of those times that can get very frustrating as a parent. I found some great tips on Parenting online and thought I would share and include my own personal tips:
  • watch food and drink consumption = one of our weakest areas but one we soon learned to conquer closing the kitchen at 6:30 serving supper at 5 p.m allowed our children plenty of time for their stomach to rest before their bedtime at 7:30 when they were younger. one tip the article shared was that no caffeine 6 hours before bedtime
  • Peace & Quiet = we made the hour before bedtime quiet time which helped them to be ready to go to their rooms
  • Give Advance Notice = we do this for lots of things, bedtime, computer, play time, meal time etc... Advance notices of when things will be and when things end seems to really help in our house
  • Establish a Night Time Routine = my children always had a bedtime ritual of what they would do showers, quiet time, bedtime was always a scheduled time. Now my daughter does this with our little Princess.

I am in hopes that these bedtime tips and how we carried them out will help parents that are frustrated and struggling. Bedtime can be a frustrating time but with careful guidelines and rituals can become a special time as well

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