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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Memories of Last Prom Season

It seems in this house with six (6) teens prom has a season of its own. With teens you often see seasons change with sports, events and yes Prom has a season of its own as well. Last Prom my daughter was able to come home for a visit and bring their little bundle of Joy. This year they will not be here we will miss them but my sis in law and love will be here to help out. We have two proms and three prom goers this year. Time will be short and special and I will be helping in the Prom for our home town. I will be chaperoning After Prom as well as helping out in other areas. I will be posting new Prom pictures next week and the week after as I said there are two different proms. Here are some pictures of last year to give you a taste of what I am talking about.

here are my two as they are waiting for their dates
Big sis helping little sis with her makeup

lil sis letting us know she is feeling good

this is my boy I think he looks good in black this year he opted to wear white

I shared these on Wednesday's Walk hosted by the goodwin family


  1. This is going to be a great prom year. Princess and momma are goin to be missed greatly!

  2. What fun pictures! Adorable! That is great you are chaperoning. I think that would be fun, but I would probably embarrass my kids=).Thanks for sharing your pics and memories!

  3. Sweet pics. Hope prom is amazing this year! :)

  4. You gotta love prom!! I went to FOUR, but my favorite was the one I went to with a really great friend. We danced and had the best time! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful pictures and I hope prom is a lot of fun this year. Thanx for sharing and have a great Wednesday !!

  6. How fun! The excitement of prom and getting ready for it. Love that big sister helped out too. These are wonderful memories to share Annie.

    Blessings and love,

  7. it looks like you are having fun!

  8. prom is a season of its own, that is for sure. :) thanks for linking up a post!

  9. Fun pictures and fun post.

    I know prom time is fun for everyone. (:>)

    I am linking up late today. I hope you will still come over for a visit!

    Linda @ truthful Tidbits


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