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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ava The Elephant review

I first saw Ava the Elephant when I was watching a show called the Shark Tales. I remember seeing the Ava The Elephant and having flashbacks to when my children were younger. You see Ava the Elephant is not a toy but a tool that can help you get your child to take their medication. I had some sickly children when they were young and getting medicine into them was often a battle in itself. So a young run down mother who is taking care of a sick child and having to battle each time it came medicine time grows old fast. I love the Ava the Elephant because it helps to divert the child's attention and the medicine is easier to give.

Ava the Elephant is the brain child of a special person by the name of Tiffany. Tiffany worked for many years caring for children with special needs as well as childhood cancer patients. She realized there was a need for an item to make giving children medicine a bit more fun. As fate would have it Tiffany herself was diagnosed with cancer only three months after appearing on Shark Tank. She realized that the medicine itself could be flavored to not taste so bad but it was the part of taking it that was the scary part. So she created Ava the Elephant to make the process of taking medicine more friendly.

Ava the Elephant works by filling the included medicine dropper with the prescribed dosage of liquid medicine. Then insert the dropper back into Ava When you press the button Ava will say "One, Two, Three .... Open Wide! Good Job!" At this time you insert the trunk into the mouth and dispense the medicine. Ava the Elephant can be used with any liquid medicine or liquid vitamin. Ava The Elephant is BPA free.

Here is a video of Ava The Elephant in action:

Buy: you can purchase the Ava The Elephant directly from their webpage here for $9.99

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