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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Walking Can Help Improve Your Health

Walking is an excellent aerobic activity that many of us can do. Just by walking our heart rate and blood pressure are increased temporarily which in turn helps our heart work to its fullest. Walking at a brisk pace just 30 minutes a day will aide in weight loss as well

Everyone is not a fitness fanatic but most of us can invest 30 minutes into taking a walk. Walking can help reduce and treat chronic illnesses. Half of all adult Americans are affected by chronic illness that can be helped by physical activity. Moderate physical exercise has been proven to help prevent and reduce severity of chronic disease such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Mood and mobility is also helped through physical activity. No!!! That does not mean we have to head out and get a gym membership. One of the simplest exercises that is accessible to nearly everyone and does not require any special equipment is walking. Walking counts s moderate physical exercise and is good for the body. Simply walking 30 minutes a day can help with:

  • body composition offering higher muscle to fat ration
  • decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Walking helps prevent heart problems by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Likewise, walking helps to increase the good cholesterol levels. Regular walking can lower your risk of heart conditions just as much as jogging according to the American Heart Association

Walking helps you lose weight by helping to burn calories. Consistent 30 minute walks can help start the weight loss.

Walking helps prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity. Losing excess weight, balance the body and keeping the blood and digestive system moving.

Walking can help boost vitamin D if you walk in the sun. Vitamin D can help prevent cholesterol and diabetes and also offers support to the lungs and immune system.

Walking can help improve ones mood. Being active outdoors often can help improve our moods. We all know life can be stressful and distracting so why not escape a bit go outside and take a walk?? By walking our body is able to produce endorphins that helps create a positive mood. So get out there with your comfortable walking shoes, leave your cell phone at home and take a walk.


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