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Friday, August 3, 2018

Children Learn In So Many Ways

Most children will learn to read by the age of seven years of age. Reading age may be determined by other milestones that have taken place in a child's short life. Milestones such as age of crawling, walking and talking should all be considered. While, reading milestones are a bit different most children begin to learn sounds by age of 5 or 6 but may be a bit slower than others.

Many children will learn to read well before the normal age. Some are early readers who easily pick up reading without much instruction. Children learn at different ages, reading skills may be gained early or come a bit later. Most teachers inform both parent and students that "All Children are different and each learns at his or her own pace. There is no need to be concerned"

Children develop in many different ways:

  • physical --- how your child moves their arms and legs (large motor skills) fingers and hands (small motor skills) These skills are helped by various physical activities and equipment. Running, jumping, throwing, and playing catch are all ways they develop physically. Materials such as paint, playdough, puzzles, sand and writing are ways to easily develop skills. Healthy bones and muscles are helped via activities completed both inside and outside
  • socially === Your child learns to get along with others Parents and teachers alike can help children learn to respect others and work together. Social skills are gained by learning to play and learn together. Language skills and self control are constructed along side social skills as well. Conflict resolution can also be supported by teachers and parents when children learn to play together
  • Your child can learn to understand their own feelings and those of others as well. Being able to recognize and manage their own feelings and behavior can be supported by adults as well. Children should learn to care about others. Having a strong self esteem is important and teachers can help students find new things to try and keep working on tasks as well.
  • Language and literacy is another area of development that is important in children learning. For childrens to be able to understand and communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing are all important skills. All of these skills are connected and travel together. Teachers and parents once again are important in helping children use their own growing communication skills. 
Thinking skills are related to cognitive skills, development skills and are all are related to children learning. The ability to make decisions, and solve problems. Young children explore, ask questions, and create that they improve their thinking skills. The information that children absorb helps them to understand the world. Children learning skills and levels are important in not only education but life. 

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