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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Always Be Aware of Traffic

August is "National Traffic Awareness Month". With so many on the road trying to get that last minute trip into before school begins again the roads are super busy and traffic may be heavier than unusual. This is why it is important to recognize driving strategies and methods that can help you, those in your car and others safe. Some important driving safe tips include:

  • Staying alert even when you are in those long drives and traffic is moving at a snails pace. The number one priority in keeping you and your vehicle safe is the ability to stay alert. Other drivers may not be as patient as you and swerve in front of you in an attempt to get ahead. Staying alert can help keep you and other drivers out of trouble as well as keep you safe. 

  • Most states have laws against being on your phone while driving. If a car happens to suddenly stop in front of you, you then have a limited time to react. If you are on the phone you may not be able to have that instinct to stop. 
  • Communicate with other drivers in cars, bikes, or on motorcycles. Signals send messages from driver to driver. Switching lanes, exiting or stopping and allowing other drivers time to move. .
  • Keep your space between you and the car in front of you. The car in front of you stops suddenly, you will have time to react and avoid damages to you or your car. 

  • Watch your blind spots as many accidents occur due to drivers failing to check their blind spots while changing lanes. A quick glance over ones right or left shoulder could save an incident It is also best not to drive in the other drivers blind spot as well
  • Construction zones can be a bit tricky as well. When driving through areas be very careful. The Federal Highway Administration from 1982 - 2014 there were 24,745 lives lost in work zone area crashes. Being able to see and understand safety signs is very important. Do you know the signs?? Perhaps you should touch up a bit. 

Be Safe Out There !!!!! Want more information on this subject ?? Find useful resource for this post found here 

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