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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Back To School ____ Immunization TIme

August is for many of us the time to return back to school. For many school children immunizations are not only recommended but demanded. Which makes August the perfect time for National Immunization Awareness Month. The CDC states that thousands of American adults get sick each and every year from diseases that vaccines have been proven to prevent.

National Immunization Awareness Month celebrates disease prevention. It is important that children, young adults, adults and seniors receive vaccinations. Vaccines work by training the body to fight a certain disease by mimicking it. Injections enter the body and act or look like the disease without posting any life threatening risks. These vaccinations have been important in eradicating and controlling countless diseases that used to affect massive groups of people. At one time in the past, Polio ran rampant and affect society as a whole. The disease mained millions but thanks to vaccinations Polio has been eradicated in many countries. Many other diseases still exist so make sure that you and your children are up to date on immunizations. In addition, inform as many as you can to help protect yourself and others around you.

Later this month, early next month, will see our children return to the classroom. During this time the number of illness will go up. Many children are vaccinated and still there are some that have not yet been. Immunizations is a hot button topic with strong beliefs on both sides. Some do not believe in vaccinations because of religious or lifestyle reasons and other choices. Others argue that simple shots can ward off debilitation effects of chronic disease should not everyone want them.

Is your child up to date??

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