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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

White Lightning

Every June 5th a beverage that is highly illegal is brought back to memory. Here in the hills of Southern Illinois and Kentucky bootlegging moonshine that went on for many years. Moonshine has a notorious record of blurring the lines of history, the law and any good citizen who simply needed "a fix" The drink would turn ordinary men and women into criminals and common criminals into legends

Moonshine is illegally distilled that is primarily made up of corn mash. The distilled liquid is typically produced by an individuals who illegally does so without a permit. Nicknames of the drink include white lightning, mountain dew, homebrew, hillbilly pop to name just a few.

Moonshine was first distilled in America during the 1830s. The Scotch-Irish population were settling into Virginia and the drink was very popular among them. Even prior to the Civil War there were prohibition laws that were being created. The temperance movement did get passed via the 18th amendment in early 1919. At that time over half the country was dry. Prohibition lasted 13 years before Moonshine and the demand for it became a big business.

Today, legal moonshine have a great following. Distilleries that make up small batches are offering moonshine a new name. The vision of hill people brewing moonshine has been changed to a legal drink that has been offered a place on the shelf. Many moonshines will be sold in canning jars that help tell the story of how moonshine came to be.

Did you know:::
The Xs on the moonshine jugs symbolized number of times a batch was run at the still. Symbol of XXX is pure moonshine alcohol

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