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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seeing Clearly Through Eyewear Day

Seeing clearly has been sung about, "We can see clearly now..." talked about by eye doctors "now how does it look blurry or clear" and something that we all want to achieve On June 6th the day is celebrated as National Eyewear Day.

Spectacles (as eye glasses were formerly known as) have been around for the last seven centuries. Even before that time eyeglasses were wore by monks and scholars. Eyeglasses became more important around the time the printing press was invented in 1452. The printing press led to an increase in literacy and a demand to see clearly through eyewear.

Today's eyewear is there to improve our vision but to also protect our eyes. Many times eyewear is very stylish and adds personality to the one wearing them as well. One great example of style and personality being granted through eyewear would be John Lennon.

National eyewear day was created by Zyloware Eyewear in 2016. Zyloware Eyewear was founded in 1923 by Joseph Shyer and is family owned and operated for all those years.

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