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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Its Daniel Boone Day

Daniel Boone , the frontiersman that was born November 1734 and passed on September 1820 is responsible for leading explorations through the valleys and forests of Kentucky. It was Boone who settled the village of Boonesborough Kentucky , one of the earliest first American settlements west of Appalachians.

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Daniel Boone would take Rebecca Bryan on August 14, 1756 Together they lived in a cabin that laid on Boone's family farm. The Boone's would have 10 children that Daniel would support as a market hunter collecting pelts for the fur trade. Daniel Boone was also important in the history of the Revolutionary War. He was a militia officer that was captured by the Shawnee Warriors His life was saved and was adopted into their tribe

As an American pioneer, explorer and frontiersman Boone was made into a United States folk hero. It would not take long that the route Daniel Boone recorded would bring more than 200,000 European immigrants would migrate to Kentucky and Virginia.  When the settlement of Boonesborough as well as other European settlements were under attack Daniel Boone returned to help defend his beloved territory in Kentucky / Virginia.

Following the war, Daniel Boone traveled to Missouri where would spend most of his last part of life. Boone lived a good life and died at the age of 85. Daniel Boone has been honored many time over by having places named after him. The Daniel Boone National Forest, the town of Boone, North Carolina as well as other places in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Chicago.

Daniel Boone truly a legend in his life time went down in history as one as well. American history rightly shows Boon as an iconic figure in American history. Find out more in history books, museums, and historical sites. Trails that were blazed by Daniel Boone as well as places he lived are now historical sites that can be visited. Boone Day is sponsored by the Kentucky Historical Society as it did the first time more than 140 years ago.

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