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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Birthday Donald Duck

The most famous duck that I know of goes by the name of Donald. Yes, it's Donald Duck the star of a cartoon created by The Walt Disney Company. Donald has his own star in Hollywood and is a fashion trendsetter as well. The one small if it does not get out of control is Donald's explosive temper. Fashions of Donald Duck include a sailor shirt, cap and a red or black bow tie. He wears no pants as part of his fashion statement. The Oregon Ducks claims Donald Duck as their official mascot.

Donald Fauntleroy Duck was drafted in the 1942 movie short Donald Gets Drafted His birthday is celebrated on June 9th each year since 1934. Donald has a little known twin sister named dumbella.     The voice of Donald Duck was created performed by Clarence "Ducky" Nash until 1983. In 1985 another voice over performed by Tony Anselmo

Walt Disney created the role of Donald Duck after he heard clarence Nash's "duck" voice The goal was to create a character that was more negative than the main character Mickey Mouse. In the end a bad tempered duck named Donald was created Donald was a hit with audiences and soon other characters were created. The original art work of Donald Duck has only changed a few times. While created to help make the lines of Mickey Mouse creative the story of Donald Duck grew to include a girlfriend, nephews, and an uncle The partnership between Mickey and Donald dissolved and left behind was a rivalry Mickey Mouse stays on top in the United States but elsewhere in Europe and Asia Donald Duck is the most famous character

Did you know that Donald Duck has been registered as a protest vote in Finland?? Whenever voters do not agree with things they simply write in Donald Duck

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