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Monday, May 15, 2017

Working Night Shift

The National Sleep Foundation states that about 14% of Americans are night shift employees. Night shift employees are more likely to suffer from insomnia and daytime sleepiness than other workers. Other safety issues include driving drowsy and falling asleep while driving.  A few tips to get a good quality sleep as well as stay alert at work include:

Getting the room you sleep in as dark as possible. Light and sound can disrupt your body's sleep.

ear plugs to block the noise out are useful as well. Not only the noise in the house but also construction work, traffic and other noise outside can disrupt sleep.

A nap directly before your shift starts can help refresh your alertness as well. Short naps on your breaks may help as well. As recommended to help all get a good night sleep a regular bedtime or sleep schedule should be in place. A regular bedtime routine would help you go from one shift to another as well.

Stomach problems are also common with night shift or rotating shift workers. Shift workers often have poor diets, eat at odd times and snack a lot. Regular, healthy meals that are spaced out evenly during waking hours would help improve any ones diet. Snacking should have more healthy snacks that include nuts, fruit or vegetables

No matter what shift you work try hard to take of your self mentally and physically. Health should come first Listen to your body when it tells you something is not right.

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