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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grilling Time: Philly Chicken Sandwiches

chicken philly 3
What does colorful bell peppers, onions and marinated chicken have in common?? They are all ingredients in Chicken Philly Sandwiches 
chicken philly 1

It all goes nicely on the grill, and smells wonderfully cooking as well. 

chicken philly 4
When all is grilled its time to slice it all up. This is up to you how thin or thick you prefer. 
chicken philly 5
Mix the peppers, onions, and grilled chicken together.
chicken philly 6
Stuff into buns with whatever toppings you desire and you have some yummy chicken philly steak sandwiches
chicken philly 8
Here’s the finished Chicken Philly topped with Mozzerella Cheese…
chicken philly 7
If you choose you can marinate the chicken with your choice of steak sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper and any other spice you prefer. Peppers and onions will take their own sweet time as they do so just relax and wait for a bit. Good idea is to cut them a bit bigger to ensure that they do not burn or fall into the coals. This should be done before the chicken is grilled. 

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