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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Prepare your Pets for Disasters

Facing disaster is something I have personally went through a few different times and do not care to attend to again. Your life, your children, your home, and your pets are all valuable objects no one wants to lose. All to often our pets become victims of the storm of disaster. There are a few things to do to ensure that you do your best for your pet to make sure that they are prepared in the eye of the storm as well.

First start by I.Ding your pet. Pet tags should be up to date and secured to your pet's collar. Information on the tag if possible should include your address, phone number and in case of evacuation where it would be located. In the case during all the on goings you will be able to get your pet back if he is lost. In this case his tag would be his ticket home. Microchip may be another way to go as well. Have an updated photo of your pet to use for identification purposes if needed.

Preparing a stock pile for your pet is important as well. In the stockpile include items like:

Pet food
Bottled water
Veterinary records
Cat litter/pan
Manual can opener
Food dishes
First aid kit and other supplies

Know what shelters are there that will take both you and your pet. If the local shelter can not or will not take a pet what are your alternatives?? Are there hotels nearby that will let you keep your pet?? It is important to answer these questions now before they are needed.

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