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Sunday, May 14, 2017

All About the Key Lime and how to juice it

Key limes are associated with the Sunshine State since they are grown in the Florida Keys, but they are also grown in Mexico.

Key Limes are also native to Southeast Asia. The path the key lime has traveled through history may have included starting in the Middl East to North Africa, then it may have traveled to Sicily via Spanish explorers to the West Indies and Florida Keys. Many Key limes today on the U.S. market are grown in Mexico, central America and South America. Texas, Florida and California are states that key limes are naturally grown. 

Key or Mexican limes are small and round and about and inch to two in diameter. The skin of the fruit is thin and fragrant a bit bitter and sweeter. The fruit will ripen to yellow The persian lime is the lime available in markets in the U.S. year round. This lime is less acidic than the green key lime. 

To extract the juice of a key lime you will want to:

  • Bring limes to room temperature so that they yield the optimal amount of juice
  • Roll the fruit on the counter to break the cell membranes
  • Cut the fruit from pole to pole, like THIS:

NOT this (although these look prettier!):

  • Use a fork to poke the exposed fruit, then use the fork as a reamer (or use a garlic press or a citrus press like this):

I had two pounds of Mexican limes and they yielded about 2/3 cup of juice.  It was enough to make 2 dozen Key Lime Cupcakes and frosting, and I still have some juice left for another day. 


  1. Great info - I love key limes! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

    1. thanks for not only hosting the great link up but also for stopping by today


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