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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

spring cleaning

Spring is coming soon. That to me means it is time to start spring cleaning and getting the home organized. No need to get in a rush start early and allow yourself some time. Once organized you will see life may just become a bit easier. Enlist the family to help.

Begin in an area of the house where there is a lot of traffic. The living room and kitchen are the top two rooms used by the family. It seems that everything gets placed in these two rooms. The first thing to do is to place attention on getting everything to where it belongs. The room should be set up so that the problem will not continue on.

Storage containers are very useful for organizing the house. Storage containers have upgraded and now are very attractive and still very functional. Purchase containers that match your decor in each room and integrate them so that no one will notice they are used for storage.

Start organizing items into a few categories. Keep, throw away , give away and relocate. If items are meant to stay in that room then they go in the keep category. Everything else will fit in one of the other categories. Anything broken or ripped should be thrown away. Donate any clothes or other items that can be used by others but you do not need. Relocate anything that can be moved to another room.

Empty all drawers and cabinets one at a time. While this will take time it is something that will help in the end. Start with empty space that you can fill it with items that are meant to be placed there

Kitchen appliances or extra containers can be stored on top of the cabinets if possible. The top of the refrigerator for cereal boxes and breakfast food boxes I have a milk carton on top of my freezer that I keep chip bags in all contained in one place.

Label containers using tape and permanent marker. This will help to I.D. contents in storage containers.

Just think once your house is organized it is done you can sit back and enjoy all that you have done.

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