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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Remembering and Preparing for Dangerous Spring Weather

Five years ago in the small Illinois town I live in right about dawn a tornado hit. This Tornado was remembered yesterday February 28th as the tornado occurred on leap day 2012. The EF-4 tornado destroyed land, property, houses and took lives along the way.

When the skies turned dark grey yet again last night I was terrified that it was going to happen yet again. Tornadoes would occur but it would not be our town this time. Lives would be lost and houses and property would be destroyed yet again.

If this would happen in your area would you know what to do??

To start with do you know the difference between a watch and a warning??

Creating an emergency plan and preparing ahead of time for the what if will help you and your family be ready. Everyone should know what to do if a tornado occurs. Have first aid kits, crowbars, fire extinguishers as well as any special equipment in your home where everyone can find them.

The most important thing is to get some where safe and protect your head. I can remember those that would head to the basement when they had them. But not everyone has one so what do they do??

If the building or house has no basement then head to the central area of the house a room with no windows. A closet or bathroom works well.

For those that live in mobile homes your best bet is to get out before the tornado reaches you. There is little to no protection available for you in this place.

If you are outside go to a low lying area such as a ditch and lay down flat Stay away from any power lines.

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