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Monday, February 27, 2017

Serving Better Meals To Children

Healthy Meal Choices for Children
Children often need a bit of help when choosing the right foods to eat. I should say that I know several adults that could use a bit of help preparing a nutritious diet. Thanks to Chicken of The Sea for sharing a few tips on nutritional diets.

Fruits and vegetables:

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, children should eat five fruits and vegetables a day. Leave a bowl of fruit or carrot sticks on the kitchen table to help ensure your child is getting the recommend daily amount.  I create dips and spreads to go with veggies at our house and also make fruit salads often or serve them with a dip as well.

Small, whole vegetables and florets, and fruits are almost always appealing to children. Now and again, encourage your child to try a new fruit or vegetable by arranging a platter in fun shapes or pictures. I am always suprised to see a new fruit or veggie at the market and bring it home to try. Yesterday I saw what they called a plumo it is like a plum but quite bigger in size so of course I brought it home for me and the kids to try

Serve vegetables on, in or with something your child really likes (as part of a pizza topping or stirred into macaroni and cheese). We have been known to hide veggies in the meatloaf or prepare shepherd pie including a vegetable

Healthy choices to reduce fat and sugar:

Rather than using whole milk switch to low or non fat milk, yogurt and cheese

Use tuna and salmon in dishes that call for other protein sources, such as chicken.

Bake or grill instead of fry.

Substitute olive or vegetable oil for butter.

Substitute water or low-fat milk for sodas or sweetened beverages.

Switch desserts like ice cream and cake for fruit-based desserts.

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