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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Protecting our Birds This Spring

You can help save birds in one of the easiest but deadliest ways. Each year bird collisions cause deaths. You can simply help avoid this by putting up window decals or window feeders to alert birds that there is glass and it is not a clear space.

Our pets also are a big problem for birds. The other day our own cat brought a present dead bird to the doorstop. There are things that we can do if we choose such as pens, leashes etc... so that each the birds and pet has their room

Ensuring that bird feeders are clean is very important. Dirty feeders can spread disease. The old seed from feeders should be cleaned out frequently making sure fresh water is present in the bird bath is important as well.

While beautiful we should not capture wild birds. God made wild birds to be in nature and not in our homes. Selling birds caught in nature to be kept as pets is illegal

Believe it or not what you put in your trash and what you don't  can help protect the birds as well. Plastic trash bags present dangers to birds as they mistakenly eat them which can cause them to become ill or even die.

Birds are in need of places to live as many natural habitats are disappearing. You can create a bird refuge in your yard for the wild birds. Check with your local nursery to see what trees, shrubs, and other items are best to create a refuge.

Admire birds from a distance. Birds require their own space and we should all realize this. If you go up to a group of birds the first thing they will do is fly away. Watching from afar will allow you to watch the birds feeding, nesting and doing their other daily activities.

With beautiful spring coming one thing that you can do is to get outside enjoy nature where the birds live

Another danger to birds are chemicals that are used as pesticides and herbicides. These can be poison to the birds. Using these products can make your local birds sick or even kill them. They may even danger the future embryos

Take into mind all these tips that I shared as you enjoy spring and that special tune that the birds will be singing

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