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Sunday, March 6, 2016

This Day Made Family Meals Easier

March 6 1984 by congress decree was designated as "Frozen Food Day" The president authorized the day and proclamation was declared. President Ronald Reagan was the president that welcomed the day into existence. National Frozen Food Day tips its hat to all the yummy foods found in the frozen food section of any grocery store. From dinners to snacks they all make life a bit easier. The invention of the freezer all those years ago is what made this day possible but it was also all those that created techniques to make freezer food taste great and last longer.

As a busy working mother frozen food helps me out greatly. It helps to get meals on the table when I have no time to do that and it also helps me have subs for those that will not eat the meal that is being served. Freezer food also make it great to take to work for lunch as it can be heated easily in the microwave and enjoyed all with in the 30 minutes lunch period.

Start your day off celebrating the holiday with a frozen breakfast fixed either in the microwave or toaster
Why not enjoy a small dinner or other treat for lunch
Now take a shopping trip to any grocery store to see the aisles of frozen food
Enjoy dinner in a hurry then why not fix your family a frozen entree the selection is great from pasta to vegetarian to something more for a meat eater
Dessert or a snack enjoy your choice of many ice cream snacks


  1. All hail the ice cream sandwich! :-)

  2. This is a new one to me, but hooray for frozen food! It has saved me time and time again. It's handy and if you don't want food to go bad it's almost just as healthy to get the frozen version as opposed to the fresh. Like fruits and veggies. Thanks for sharing this gem

  3. well i do have frozen veggies in my freezer :)

  4. WOW they certainly do have a day for everything it seems. HAHA! We usually have at least some frozen veggies in the freezer.


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