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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Remember The Alamo

March 6 ,,, The day the slogan "Remember the Alamo" would go down in history. It may be one of the most historic days in Texas history. It was the fall of the Alamo.

March 2nd marks the day that Texas declared independence from Mexico and the following April 21st San Jacinto Day when Texas won its independence from Mexico. Both of these dates have possibly more importance to Texas history but it was the Alamo that holds the heart of Texas

The Alamo was a crumbling Catholic mission in San Antonio where 189 men battled for 13 days. They were fighting for their freedom against the Mexican Army of General Santa Anna and over 1000 men. It was March 6th that the battle would lead to death for all those fighting inside the Alamo in 1836. Those that stood and fight for the Alamo would be executed or killed in battle. Their bodies would all be born. While the lives of the children and women would be saved they would live to tell the story. The stories would lead to the legend of the Alamo.

The Alamo was built in the early 1700's by the spanish military. It was to serve as a mission to covert Native Americans to Christianity. Now it stands as a museum in downtown San Antonio. The name Alamo means "cottonwood" The battle of the Alamo was lost but the war was not. Six weeks after the battle of the Alamo Sam Huston Texas army defeated Mexican soldiers at the battle of San Jacinto and Texas won its independence from Mexico.

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