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Monday, March 7, 2016

Be Heard Day

National BE HEARD DAY is hosted on March 7th every year. The goal of the day was created as a day to give voice to small businesses in the United States. They have yet to break through but by giving them a chance to "be heard" they can hopefully break through. Small business owners can do this through creative marketing , smart publicity, strong visual appearance are all ways the goal can be achieved.

Just like my home on the great www is Annies Home. It is a place to call my own to share my thoughts, whats going on and so much more . The reason my blog goes by such name if you ever wondered is two-fold. One because I love raggedy annies and Two because my dads nickname for me was always annie. The Home part is easy it is where I belong on the great www

Where do you share your voice?? Share in comments so I can come visit as well

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