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Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Levi Strauss

Happy Birthday Levi Strauss. The fashion of blue jeans was helped out by this strong fashion man. By making one of the world's most durable and popular clothing item that in a pair of blue jeans. The clothing line came on as part of early America. Strauss was born in Germany and later came to America at the age of 18. He started out life in America working for his brothers dry good business. When Levi Strauss was in his 20's he traveled out west to start up his own dry goods store. It was here that he started making heavy work pants. These work pants would become known as jeans in the 1870s. The blue jeans remain a fashion tribute to work in, dress up in and just to be lazy in. 


facts about Levi Strauss
Levi Strauss was 43 years old
when he and partner Jacob Davis partnered together to invent the blue jean in 1873 Davis was a taylor who wrote Strauss for help and together they created blue jeans. 
Levi lost his own father when just a teenager. Being charitable and thankful for his blessings he made his first donation to the Orphan Assylum Society of the City of San Francisco. 
Levi was involved in politics in San Francisco. Levi attended many banquets where the current presidents were present. He not only attended but donated to various causes. His status did not go to his head and demanded his employees call him Levi and not Mr. Strauss

Levi never married not had children

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