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Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy HomeMaker Monday

As I look outside my window:::
The day looks a bit gray in color, not sure what the weather will bring today what I am sure that it is clear and 50 degrees currently Beautiful weather is here for now. 

Right now I am::: 
Watching a bit of CSI and enjoying my day off from work. I am drinking a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer. Having a conversation with my hubby and enjoying blogging. Yes you can say I am a bit busy but not really. Still have to start housework.

Thinking and pondering:::
 Starting a list of chores that must be done today, thinking about my daughter coming to town with my grandson tomorrow.

On my bedside table:::
 My budget notebook, yes we are still ahead thus far, also my laptop

On my tv tonight:::
CSI is on currently tonight wil be WWE wrestling

Listening to:::
 The TV 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - cinnamon porkchops, fried taters, coleslaw
Tuesday -  taco soup
Wednesday - meatloaf and potatoes
Thursday - chicken cordon blue
Friday -  soup and sandwiches
Saturday - fend for your self night
Sunday - eat out

On my to do list:::

complete laundry
clean bathroom
rearrange kitchen
work on living room
get stuff together for daughter to take home

Plans for this week:::

visti from daughter and grandson
work a few days for sure work schedule not out yet

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
 working on getting things together for valentine crafts
My simple pleasure:::

 French vanilla creamer in a cup of coffee with enough time to sit and drink it

Lesson learned the past week:::
 Learned that if I do what I need to do all though others may not be it will all work out. Seems like an old lesson my parents taught me silly how these things come back around

Looking around the house:::
 Lots to be done here between work and being sick there is always lots to be done

From the camera:::

Happy Homemaker Monday 1/13 joined in the group here

Prayer List:::
Those that are suffering from the flu and other illness, my daughter as she embarks on a several hour trip to see her parents tomorrow 

 Bible verse, Devotional:::
Often we ask, "What does God expect from me?" Here Moses gives a summary that is simple in form and easy to remember. Here are the essentials: (1) Fear God; (2) Live in a way that pleases him; (3) Love him; (4) Serve him with all your heart and soul; and (5) Obey his commands. Too often we complicate faith with man-made rules, regulations, and requirements. Are you frustrated and burned out from trying hard to please God? Concentrate on his real requirements and find peace. Respect, follow, love, serve, and obey.

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