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Monday, January 13, 2014

All About The Radio

Do you remember the days of sitting around listening to the radio. Days even before the first Atari ever reached our house, the days before cable graced our tvs the radio was here I can remember my sister carrying her boombox where ever she went now all that is needed is a piece that fits in your pocket but if it were not for the radio where would any of this been?

January 13, 1910 changed the world for many I believe. It was the day that the first radio broadcast took plac in New York city and went out to those who had radio receivers In 1915 this was later used to broadcast opera . We have definetly came a long ways in the radio field. Now days its nothing to have remote broadcast play on the radio. In our area in the spring many auctions for charity are also aired on the radio. Without that early discovery where would the world of radio be? Thanks to the man who created the radio

Here's a bit of music to celebrate just that the radio

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