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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Constipated Cat

All though I do not share a lot on my blog about my pets our family does have 2. We have a cat and a dog and love both of them very much. . You see this cat is treated like a prince and the dog is treated like a princess. Both loved very much and both very much part of the family. Recently our cat started acting quite funky. So to the vet we went Not knowing for sure what was wrong with him we were a bit worried. Finding out that she was simply constipated I had never heard of a cat being constipated but you know what many times we really do not know and just like kids we must take them to the doctor. We were given some medicine for her and in hopes that it will work

Here are few things that I found out online that can help a constipated animal as well

To start with
Ensure that your cat is eating a well-rounded diet suited to cats. If in doubt as to what to feed your cat with properly, ask the vet for a dietary plan

If you have a long haired cat, trim the hair around your cats backside, to keep the hair from getting tangled. This will keep the area clean and help prevent constipation from tangled hair getting inside the anus.

Keep a litter box, and maintain it. A clean litter box will encourage your cat to use it regularly, as sometimes cats refuse to use a dirty litter box, which can cause constipation.

Treatment could include
feeding cat tuna packed in oil

anti constipation medication which we got at the vets and will be using

make sure cat has plenty of water possibly also serving cat food in can as well as dry

you may also try adding a bit of bran to their diet

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