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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. What giveaway would you like to do on your blog?
I would love to do a giveaway for a trip for childrens clothes. I just love how wonderful some of the styles are

2. If you had to choose between natural artistic ability and natural athletic ability, which would it be?
well since athletic ability would help me in my job that is the one I would chose

3. Do you ditch the coat the minute it becomes "spring" or are you a holdout for more cool temps?

yes I do ditch the coat I have several nice sweaters and those help me on the cooler days

4. What would you do if you won the mega millions lotto of 1/2 billion dollars?

Oh my family would be set with no more worries then I would give part to charity as well

5. You are at a hotel by yourself...what do you do?
take a nap

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