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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aloha Friday

Well, I am a day late on this favorite meme of mine. Aloha Friday is a meme that celebrates an easy day before the weekend. The goal is to ask easy questions that can be answered with an easy answer by other bloggers.

this week at our family meeting we discussed ideas that we wanted to do this summer. Our family has had family meetings for as long as they were old enough to talk and make decisions. They were for rules, planning meals, extra events and such Now that they are all older we don't have them as often but we do still have them. At our meeting this week we discussed summer plans. The one thing that they all brough up and wanted to do was have a picnic and play red rover red rover. LOL so this week my aloha friday (asked on saturday) question is

What childhood or event do you have good memories of doing?

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