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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eat The Rainbow

As part of the new me that I have been working on I put this ito play. I am also sharing it with Tackle it Tuesday
Red there are some lovely red foods available out there. These include tomatoes, pomegranate, radishes, red bell peppers

Orange offers some bright and nutrient loaded sweet potatoes, carrots, and oranges

 Yellow is the color of one of my favorite fruits to eat the yummy potatoes. Yellow also offers onions and potatoes. 

Green: offers several   cancer fighting atioxidants like leafy kale which is high in vitamis and minerals that promote hearth health. Fiber rich foods will help you fill up faster, and help keep your weight in check. Greens such as leaf lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, cabbage are all valuable to your family

Blue:   is the color of blueberries or blackberries which not only taste good but are good for you as well. They pack in those little berries potassium and vitamin c and are often a top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Berries can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, and help reduce inflammation which leads t chroic diseases.

Indigo   is the color of grapes which are rich in nutrients. They help fight cancer, coronary heart disease, erve disease, and Alzheimers

Violet is the color of eggplants which are thought to protect brain cell membranes and help fight aging and cancer

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