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Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week has been quite trying

Oh my goodness this week has been quite trying to say the least

Monday: I had to go to the doctor to get that yearly checkup. Also took the kids as walk ins because they got up with colds and coughs. We walked in the doctors office and it is fairly large every section of the waiting room was filled with people coughing and running fever wearing face mask. Felt like the danger zone to me those with scheduled appt. not sick like me were a bit worried we would get something

Tuesday: Teacher called from school to tell me youngest would not do his work. Well when he got home of course he had an excuse told me that he was not going to use teachers pictures he wanted his own. Needless to say he did the homework and saved it all.

Wednesday: Kids that we pick up and take to church were made to wash hands off with wipes before getting on the bus but what good did that do when you ride 30 minutes with them coughing and sneezing

Thursday: Son comes home from practice delighted that if they win their friday game they knock someone out of playoffs. The heart I have I say yeah for you but what about them.

Friday: I will tell you how game goes tomorrow hopefully great and I can say we have home playoff game


  1. About 3 wks ago I felt the same way. I took the kids for their yearly checkup and we all came back with the Flu :/

    I would say that atleast at 85-90% of that office had the Flu but it didn't occur to anyone that maybe they should seperate those that are sick from those that are healthy.

    Hope your weekend is a RELAXING one :)

    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Was a trying week but you made it and did well :) Good luck tonight :)

  3. UGH! I had to take all of my kids to the pediatrician this week as well for their well-checks and of course, surrounded by coughing and hacking kids.... pretty sure mine will be sick next week :(

  4. I won't sit in a waiting room around sick people, because I know I'd go in healthy and come out sick. I make my appoitment, and don't go in until that time. Waiting rooms are a mess.

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm hoping to not have any need to go to the doctor's until after flu season!! ;)


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