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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Power Ranger and his pajamas

had to share this picture of my lil nephew and his new pajamas that I got him to wear when he stays the night here


  1. At first it looked like they were playing hide & seek. Very cute picture. Happy WW.

  2. Oh how funny - my son used to LOVE the Power Rangers (he was one for Halloween on year!) My son is 19 now - I am surprised they are still "in"!

  3. That Power Ranger is so cute !!!!

    Thanks for youe comment:)
    Now I have some Halloween pics in my blog :)

  4. My oldest son loved the power rangers too. We got him the red ranger costume for Halloween when he was 3 or 4 - He wore it every moment we were at home for months and months until it finally fell apart!

  5. Nice pajamas and your nephew is cute as cute can be.

  6. Go power rangers! My nephew also love them!


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