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Monday, February 11, 2019

Task: To Make New Friends

When we were kids more than likely we had at least a couple of friends. Some of us may have been more popular than others. Me myself I had my up moments where I had lots of great friends and then I had my lows where I chose and picked friends and they seemed to be limited. However, as we get older it may seem to be a lonely life and making friends may be something we want to do but are not sure how.

We may be busy with work or perhaps your friends are busy with work and have no real time to hang out. Relationships build and sometimes they do not include us, families are built and pretty soon you may go from several text messages a day to few and in between. Don't worry you are not alone

There are many that feel alone that truly want to be around others. It seems as we we get older we may also get stuck in our own grooves. Our schedules may keep us busy or we may be afraid to make friends or more reserved with who we hang out with. However, all humans were created to be with others and not to be alone.

If your personal choice is to be alone without friends then go ahead don't let me tell you that you must have friends. If you are like most of us and love to make friends but perhaps you need a bit of help then I would love to share a few tips with you.

  • First of all stop feeling as if you are being judged. I have worked for the past 20+ years in group homes, nursing homes and other shelter homes and realize that these individuals (1) feel as if they are judged and (2) judge others. So rather than feeling judged put a smile on your face, make all feel welcome and simply try to be more positive. 
  • Don't be a wall flower and expect others to reach out to you. Don't wait on others go out and start the conversation yourself. 
  • Sometimes it is our look that helps others decide if we are approachable or not. Those that stand there looking bored or angry are the ones that often get avoided. Remember to smile and be an all around happy person.
  • While you may have a lot to share about yourself take time to pay attention to others as well. It's a fine balance between asking to much and telling to much
  • We all have our troubles but when we are striving to make new friends we do not want to be the ninny in the group. Unloading your drama on those that you are meeting on the first meeting is for sure a turn down. This does not mean to act like you do not have a care in the world just tune it down a bit. 
  • To go along with the step above remember not to be too judgemental. We are all different and that is what makes the world go round. There are small disagreements then there are those times we have a gut feeling that we are simply to different. Those gut feelings may be worth listening to but the disagreements may be able to be avoided. 

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