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Monday, February 11, 2019

Inventors Day

If it were not for inventors and their great inventions where would we be?? Inventors have made it possible to ride safely in an elevator, have a well lit room at the flip of a switch or speak to someone on the other side of the world. Some inventors may go their entire life without recognition for their creation while others are household names. While many wild stories have been told about the wild labs of inventors the truth is that there have been a number of ways inventors have been discovered and in fact some have been on accident as well.
Some accidental inventions that have become part of daily life include the microwave oven, penicillin, sticky notes and bubble wrap.

Inventors look at life as they live life looking to fix the issues that come in their way. Progressive, forward thinking inventors have helped to create life saving inventions like pacemakers, traffic signals, rubber bands or coffee filters. However, there are some inventions that were thought up then later thought that we may have been better off. While the DVD rewinder may have been nice there is no real need for it.

Inventors of inventions no matter how small they seem should never give up. Always take a bow when given credit. One day the inventors of today may find a cure, fix and life improvements.

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