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Thursday, July 19, 2018

July Birthstone the Ruby

Rubies have been known for centuries and have since the beginning been considered the king of all gems. Rubies are thought to represent love, passion, courage and emotion. THose that wear a fine red ruby are thought to have good fortune. Emperors and kings throughout time have possessed prized rubies. 

Rubies are the most valuable gemstones. The most important feature of the gem is the color. While often thought of being a red ruby the truth is rubies come in many hues of red from purplish and bluish red to orange red. The brighter the gemstone is the more valuable. 

The Burmese Ruby is a rich passionate hot full red color with a slight blue hue. The color has been referred to as "pigeon blood" but the truth is that the color is not associated with blood but rather the color of a white pigeons eye. 

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