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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Be Courteous on the Phone

When I was a kid you made a call using the phone attached to the wall. Later you could actually walk away with the cordless phone but it would not last more than a few hours. Today, you can travel around the world on a cell phone only charging it when needed. The world has definitely changed when it comes to making a call but when it comes to being mannerly I think there are a few rules that should remain.

When sitting down to supper with family and friends I believe the cell phone should be put up and away from the table. If you are expecting and emergency call then if it happens to ring excuse yourself to go answer the phone. People should be first technology second.

One way I do find the cell phone handy is to share pictures. It works better than a purse or wallet at finding the pictures you want to share. It is a good idea to not download pictures when you are visiting with others.

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