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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How We Can Help The Grieving

Children are a gift from God. He offers them to us to bring up and raise. When something goes wrong and we lose our children at any point along the line it hurts terribly. Friends and family see only what the bereaving parent wants them to see. The real pain often happens alone after everyone is gone. There are a few things we can do to help those that are suffering

Most importantly remind them that they are loved and in our thoughts and prayers. While that may seem like a simple step many have said that it is the most touching one. In the days to come it may be hard for the parents suffering to be around others but still offer the invite. In addition listening to those that are mourning is important thing you can do as well.

One small thing you can do if you are not near and even if you are is to send a note to say how sorry you are. Living children of parents that lost a child are suffering as well and most likely have lots of questions. I will never forget when my little brother asked "Can we take him home now" while attending the funeral of my newest little brother that only lived a few hours.

Helping the grieving family out with anything from running errands to meals will help greatly as well. Simply being there is something that the family will need now. Just listen and be there to hold them when they cry but one thing never tell them how they should feel or that you know how they feel.

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