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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Help Your Loved One Relax with a Massage

Nearly almost everyone loves to receive a massage but some are better at giving them than others. Benefits of getting a massage include relieving pain and reducing stress.

Some tips to give a good massage include:

  • In order not to get tired out resulting in a short massage as arms and hands tire out, proper stance and using ones body weight should help Sitting on a pillow on the floor can help with positioning. 
  • oil is very important to prevent uncomfortable friction and help hands glide easily. Lotion or olive oil works well The one offering the massage should use the oil to warm ones hands up
  • Keep fingers together and use the whole hand to give a massage. A good massage resembles the art of sculpting. Begin with soft strokes helps warm up the muscles prior to the massage. 
  • the massage should offer pressure but not pain. To offer a deeper massage lean in further, use body weight, use knuckles to target really stiff muscles. 
  • Massage the neck and shoulders using a soft loose fist and use the base of your hand to apply pressure left shoulder., running your hand up the side of her neck until you get to the base of her skull, go back down. Repeat the steps several times

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