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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The World IS Coming Up Rainbows

I love rainbows they remind me of God's love and a promise that is shared in the Old Testament of the bible.

Rainbows have been gifted with their own day of the year. Rather, finding a rainbow has been. The special day occurs each year on April 3rd. This rainy day may have been a fine time to find a rainbow, yet with all the storms out there I was not able to. The arrival of spring increases the occurrence of rain and offers a bigger chance to see a rainbow.

The rainbow was a gift from God after the great flood. It was offered as a promise that He would never allow a flood to cover the entire Earth again. Rainbows continue to be one of the most beautiful objects in nature and have symbolized hope, beauty and luck as well as fear for some. It was not to long ago that we celebrated St. Patrick day and we all know what is at the end of the rainbow where Leprechauns are involved. It is their pot of gold.

Another legend has it that if a child is born on a day a rainbow is spotted the child is said to have good luck. Yet, another legend expresses that a rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth.

Iranian muslims believe that the prominent color of the rainbow has a persona of its own:
Green---- abundance
Red ----- war
Yellow ----- Death.

The science behind a rainbow is very simple. It is a matter of how it is seen and how the light bends through it. When light changes from one object to another it "bends" or changes directions. A beam of light goes from the air into a glass prism and changes direction The light bends and seperates into colors.

The ingredients for a rainbow are (1) sunlight, (2) air, (3) water. The sun must be behind you while it is raining in front of you. The sun rays will travel through the air and the sun will enter the raindrop to act like a prism. The light changes direction and seperates into colors.
A primary rainbow is made up of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo Violet

Every April 3rd each year is find a rainbow day.

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