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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reye Syndrome Awareness

Reye's Syndrome is a deadly disease that can strike quickly and attack any child, teen or adult without warning. Body organs including the liver and brain can be seriously affected. The cause and cure of Reye's Syndrome is not known but researchers have been able to find a link between Reye's Syndrome and the use of aspirin.

Reye's Syndrome occurs in two phases. A previous viral infection such as the flu, cold or chicken pox normally has just occured. Aspirin is often given to help with pain and fever and the result may be Reye's Syndrome. Reye's Syndrome is not contagious and is often misdiagnosed in the beginning. Reye's Syndrome tends to appear with greater frequency during January, February and March when the flu is most common. Reye's Syndrome is reported every month of the year.

Reye's Syndrome is first recognized when abnormal amounts of fat begin to develop in the liver and other body organs. A severe increase of pressure in the brain is often present as well. Death often occurs if the syndrome is not diagnosed or treated this is why early diagnosis is important. When Reye's syndrome is diagnosed and treated in its earliest stage recovery is an excellent chance. When diagnosis is not early and treatment is not started Reye's Syndrome chances of recovery and survival decrease.

Reye's Syndrome was first discovered in 1963 by Australia pathologist R. Reye and again a bit later by GM Johnson in the United States. It would be 10 years later before the disease was recognized. This disease often leads to brain and liver failure but all body organs are normally affected. In 2002 only one case occured and in 2009 there were 3

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