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Friday, September 22, 2017

National Ice Cream Day

Celebrate the first day of fall with an ice cream cone. After all, it is national Ice Cream Day. Here where we are it was in the 90s did not feel to fall like but was a great time for some ice cream. It is not ice cream day, that is celebrated in July. This is the day to celebrate the cone. It helps make ice cream portable without any trash.

The ice cream cone spun off of the Europeans using waffles to hold their ice cream. In 1825 Julien Archambault shared the custom of using "little waffles" as ice cream cones. This was published in a French cookbook and the idea was born. This has met disagreement as in the 1700s "wafers" were used to eat ice cream and the dish was known as "iced puddings" These wafers or cones were also found in English cookbooks from 1769 and 1770. So know  their were 2 claims as to where the cone had originated. There were more claims to come and it is not known exactly how or who created the ice cream cone.

No matter who invented the ice cream cone take a moment today to eat some ice cream in the cone with someone you love. After all, every day needs to be celebrated

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