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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Feast of St. Matthew

September 21: Feast of St. Matthew

This day celebrates the life Jesus disciple Matthew. He is responsible for writing the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. One of four gospels the books tell the stories of Jesus Christ.

Matthew, was one of Jesus' 12 apostles. Levi was Mathew's real name until Jesus changed his name to Matthew. Matthew was a tax collector. In those days and times tax collectors were called publicans and were not widely admired. In fact, the job was one that was hated by many as they worked for Rome. Jews had to pay Roman taxes and the collectors kept a percentage for their own profit. Publicans did not have many friends.

Matthew would begin to follow Jesus and host a dinner for tax collectors and sinners alike. (Matthew 9:10) Jesus came to the dinner to eat as well. This the Pharisees had to object to as no teacher should be eating with sinners. Jesus announced he had came for all alike (Matthew 9:13)

Eventually for following, teaching and preaching Matthew would be put to death. This was not easy though as he refused to die. They had placed him upside down and lit him on fire but this did not kill him. After that they placed him in a coffin and tried to sink him in the sea one night. In the end the ruler of Ethiopia trying to kill Matthew apologized and was converted to Christianity.

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