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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Are You Ready For Kindergarten

Twenty Five years ago when my daughter started school all they needed to konw was their name. The rest of it they would learn along the way. That has since changed and now the list has grown on what a child should know before starting kindergarten. Soon we will have another child ready for kindergarten and the list that they should know before starting school includes:

While this is a list of learning task that they should know there are other issues as well. Being on time, staying on task, and following a schedule are all part of learning to start school. You can help out a bit by starting them on a schedule at home. Taking time to break the day into parts and keeping them on task will help a lot when school begins

You will often find tie shoes on this list of items your child should be able to do Unless your child wears velcro shoes this is a task that will help them in life. The process is one that some kids pick up quickly and others do not.

Kindergarten is an age and stage not only a grade that you will see your child grow and change in. They will learn so much you will be surprised of how they retain it all. Be patient and work with them daily for they are only small once.

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