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Thursday, December 15, 2016

How To Make Single Serve Taco Kits

Our family is very diversified and often on the go. We are not always going in the same direction. There are 4 of us that work outside of the house, 3 of us that go to school and the rest try to hold the fort down. This is great that we all have a life but sometimes that life gets a bit busy. Meals on the run are often part of that. Preparing lunches for work or buying something at the grocery store all ready processed is needed. So I love this idea that I recently found for Taco Kits for Single Serve Meals.

Each kit will make 1 to 2 tacos depending how much is put into the bag. When fixing for lunch it 
simply needs to be popped into the microwave for a few minutes. 

You Will Need
Snack sized zip top baggies
Quart sized zip top freezer bags
Prepared taco meat 
flour tortillas
shredded cheddar cheese

Into a quart sized bag place 1 to 2 tortillas
Fill the smaller baggies with 1 to 2 portioned servings of prepared taco meat
Fill another small bag with a handful of shredded cheese

Put one of the baggies of taco meat and one baggies of cheese into a quart sized baggie 
with tortilla(s) Place taco kit into freezer to use when needed.

To prepare:
remove the small bags of cheddar and taco meat from the quart size baggie
Place the tortilla on a microwavable plate and sprinkle the frozen meat and cheese on top
Place plate in microwave and cook for few minutes on high, til meat is warmed
Carefully remove from and fold in half to serve. 

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