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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reaching Our Goals and Great Snack Ideas that will help us

Life is busy and many of us are always on the run. We often run down on energy and start to run out of steam and know we need a pick me up. So what makes a great snack that is able to go on the road?? After all everything that we pick up and put in our mouths make a difference. We made the commitment to continue on to work on getting healthier, slimmer and feeling better. We all want to look our best and feel great.
Here are a handful of snacks that will help us reach our goal.
  1. cereal offers a crunchy snack that will taste good and give a bit of energy. Simply set up a few different baggies of cereal so when you need a snack you have it at hand. To help stave off hunger and add more nutrition throw in a few nuts as well.
  2. yogurt smoothie: adds calcium and protien to your diet which is needed to keep going and many have less than 100 calories a smoothie.
  3. string cheese: low in calories high in calcium and protien. Throw in a few crackers and you have the perfect quick snack. The best thing is this can be a snack that both you and your child will love.
  4. fruit: as they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruit offers your body nutrients they need with many under 100 calories a serving.
  5. whole grain snack bar or granola bar- these are easy to go to snack, breakfast or whenever we need a pick me up. The teens love them so they are always in the freezer or fridge when needed
  6. instant oatmeal - a heart healthy snack, easy to prepare with just a bit over 100 calories a serving
  7. popcorn - a crunchy pick me up that you can find in snack size 100 calories bags. Popcorn seems to fill one up quickly and yes it is a vegetable

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