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Monday, November 9, 2015

Thankful Turkeys

This time of year, with the weather changing and the holidays swiftly approaching our minds begin to think about being thankful. Yes, in all things there is something to be thankful for. The trick is to get beyond our personal thoughts and look at life a bit different. Why was it that the red light took a bit longer to change?? Well, it could have been that if it had been any sooner a terrible wreck may have been in our future. So perhaps we should think about life as in terms that there is a reason for all and a reason to be thankful for all as well.

At our house we like to make thankful turkeys. We have did this many different ways from using a pattern. you can find some great ones at these links.

printable PDF

another easy way to create your turkey and feathers can be found here

You could also make turkeys the old fashioned way of taking construction paper and having each member trace their own hand. the gobble is easy to make and sometimes it is funny to see exactly how everyone makes their own. The best thing is writing on the feathers things that they are thankful for. It may make some take some time and think and others will know exactly what to write. Either way everyone will see that in life there are things to be thankful for.

Have fun and enjoy being thankful

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  1. You are very right in that there are always things to be thank-full for. I try to list the things I am thank-full for each evening. Sometimes I fall short but I know thinking of them makes me a bit more accepting. I pray that more people except this added bit of appreciation.

  2. We should try our best to be thankful for each day instead of a select few day per year. I'm thankful each morning when I open I eyes to be able to spend one more day with my family and friends.

  3. this reminds me so much of thanksgiving and mu love for the holiday. its the only holiday when people aren't expecting gifts and are more personal. love this that you are saying about thankful turkeys.

  4. The glass is always half full. And when one keeps such an attitude, one can never be unhappy in life, no matter what the circumstances

  5. aaw so cute, have to try and make these!


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