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Friday, September 18, 2015

September is Self Promote Month

September is self promote day so I am going to take the opportunity to introduce you to who else but me. Yes I am angie and I am the author of this blog annies home. I have been blogging way before I started this blog. I used blogging back in the early 2000s to help me with organization, recipes, tips, and oh so much more. So when I started this blog why not share with you what I have found useful and so many have shared with me.

That's me with my husband. We have not only been married but best friends for nearly 30 years. The more years go by the better friends we become. I believe that a husband and wife are put together because of Gods infinite wisdom and love. In my case I was lucky to have find a man with a caring heart, and giving spirit. We seem to complete each other

We have a strong family background, present and future influence. My mother and grand-mother taught me a lot in life and I try to share that information that I find useful with everyone from the new generations in our family to friends and oh yes the readers of our blog. There are also great new ideas that come up and I am fortunate enough to have children that share these great new tips with me as well. As always I pass these along as well. I believe that many of the old lessons are important ones but we live in an ever changing world where new lessons are valuable as well.

I love to take short and long trips with my family. We share lots of family events and travel tips here on our blog as well.

As most families do we have many family recipes and love to eat. We share lots of recipes here on Annies Home. We share both our family recipes and other great recipes that others have shared

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  1. I've been a reader for some time now. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your family with us.


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